Sunday, January 3, 2010


Is the title of this post correct?  I thought we’d all be scooting around town in our hover crafts, or using our personal jet packs by now.  Maybe we haven’t caught up with the sci-fi predictions for travel, but the technology we have at our fingertips (literally) is unbelievable. 

I thoroughly enjoy texting (never thought I’d type that in a million years).  Facebook is ……….well, I have no words, but I am loving it!!  I just connected with someone I went to grade school with in another state.  I haven’t spoken to this person in 30 years!!

Blogging (deserves it’s own separate paragraph) has been such a blessing to me.  To be able to type my little heart out ……………and have people read it, amazes me.  I’ve linked my blog with others and have had incredible feedback.  I’ve read other blogs that have blessed me, taught me and made me laugh, all good things.  Blogging has made my life better, reading your comments and your blogs has made my life richer.  Thank you!!

I’m leaning toward “Twitter” but I haven’t taken the plunge.  Should I? Do you?  If you do, tell me why if you don’t mind.

Happy 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelley said...

I haven't done face book or twitter yet. I don't know why. I think I would love face book. I know several people who twitter and love it.

Jake said...

Happy 2010! Like you, I LOVE technology... the possibilities of what can be done are limitless. That excites me.

Texting is something I wouldn't want to give up. Its been around for so long, and yet is still becoming increasingly popular.

I tweet and like it, but I'm more of a tweet follower than a tweeter. Many days go by without me sending a tweet, but at the same time I am able to keep tabs on the folks I follow. That's what I like about it. Also like that you can use the search feature on twitter's site to find pretty much anything you want news related. Its virtually real-time search results which is unsurpassed and is likely twitter's most valuable trait. You should sign up and start to follow a few tweeps if for nothing else but to get people's tweets.

I win the longest comment of the day award.

Kay said...

I like FB,but I don't love it. It seems like my bloggy friends 'go deeper' than FB friends. But its still fun to hear what IRL ppl are saying. I started doing Twitter because I kept seeing a bloggy friend's tweets on her blog and of course, it was only one side of the conversation and I wanted to know what was being said. Basically I guess that just says I'm nosey,huh?! But anyway... 2 bloggy friends have become IRL friends, so I like to read what they write on twitter. But I take 'tweeting' in spurts. I'm not doing much right now, but we're coming off the holidays and school's about to kick in again, so....!

Dar said...

Sorry, Beck, to me technology is a spectator sport. I'm more of a political news hound. And recently even had to scale that back - you know, after Pastor Susan's little dog/big dog bone illustration! But you all keep on techin' and I'll keep on awatchin'! God is our sweet success in 2010!

seeking him... said...

I don't do facebook or Twitter. I tried facebook for one week and that was enough for me... way to many people:) I was mainly checking it out to see if I'd let my kids on it but after becoming a friend of my (truly wonderful) nephew I saw some pictures he had on his site that made me say no to it completely.
I enjoy the blog thing... it seems to go a bit deeper & for me is a wonderful way to document life & the God who's in it. And like you I have been so blessed by others who blog... a personal 'thank you' to you Becky. I love reading your blog... your honesty... and your love of God.
I am gratful for your comments to me also... they make it even more fun:)
Just wanted to say that yes, Landon in doing well... just has a concussion. We are very thankful that it wasn't worse. I can totally relate to your previous post about fear... allowing it to control you. Getting that call about Landon being hurt & not knowing the extent... boy did the fear fun wild in my mind.
There were so many times during that night that I thought of you & Tom, & my friends the VanWienen's. Just wanted you to know that you have touched my life... and I am praying for you. Thank you Becky.

(on a lighter note... I just may have beaten Jake! :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I am strictly a blog person, but so many others seem to enjoy facebook and twitter. I just don't have time to add one more thing. I am looking forward to spending more time making personal contacts this year. I will make picturess of before and after photos, now just to get started. Jackie

ps said...

Yes I twitter for the same reasons as Jake. Somedays I'll tweet a lot and then other days once or not at all. But I love reading the updates of those I follow. It's just a fun way to know things about friends and family etc. Enjoy - I know you'll do it! ;)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I thought our cars would fold up into briefcases a la the Jetson's by now!

I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the daily stuff of friends and family through Facebook.

I do tweet but not very often. I much prefer the interaction that FB affords! Twitter is more difficult to keep up with and people often just double post on FB and Twitter.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Hi Becky,
It's great when God confirms what He's speaking to us about through different ways, isn't it? It happens all the time for me. Thanks for your comments on my blog posts. Praying God's blessings on you in 2010.


Jenny Beth said...

I can't help here Becky, I'm not a twitter-er :) I don't think my life is quite interesting enough I guess. Not that it probably has to be, I think it could be good for all of those mini statuses that aren't quite facebook-worthy, you know? Maybe I will got there one day :)