Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today after praying and reading my Bible, I was looking for a notebook to write down what I was praying and where God had directed my reading.  I found a small notebook and the first several pages had writing on them.  I was tearing them out, reading to see what they were.  Most of the pages were where I was planning a get together.  It had menus, games and a guest list.  I had written several names on the guest list.  At the bottom of the list, Peyton had added his name.   I was good with that, it made me smile.  The other side of the page I had written people’s last names and the number of people in their family. I had written our last name………it had a three under it.  I cried.

There were several people over our house tonight., each of them missing Peyton in their own way.  I had so many text messages today; many of them just to say “I love you” or “I am thinking of you today.”  If I wrote our last name today and had to say how many are in our family, I would have to write more than three.  Even though I am missing Peyton so much right now, I am grateful our family has grown so large.


Kelley said...

What a beautiful message! You do have more than 3 in your family. Hopefully all of our prayers will lift you and Tom up for days to come.

Kay said...

That is so sweet. I'm glad you see those extended folks that care so much for you! You are a very blessed lady to have that! : )