Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homework Poem

The following is a poem a couple of Peyton's friends wrote as a homework assignment. I don't know if they realize how much it means to us that Peyton is still a part of their lives. We love these kids. When I asked permission if I could put this on my blog, she said, "Yes, we did it to celebrate Peyton." So here it is. It made me cry, but it also makes me feel good.

Hair red as fire
Smile bright as the sun
A natural born cowboy
His spirit, a rebellious one
Always the class clown
Making everyone laugh
Although always picking fun
The best friend you could have

So incredibly clever and athletic
School and sports a breeze
He would have gone so far
With the slightest of ease
Then tragedy struck
Ending it all

Fearless was his only flaw
"Spur Some Fur" changed us all
Bulls were his passion
His dreams set so high
But it all changed so quickly
No time for goodbyes

Two years have flown by
Yet it feels like only yesterday
We still miss his laughter
And that big grin on his face
The memories he left
Will be forever etched on our hearts
The impact he made
Will never depart

Never will we forget him
And how he made us all laugh
Up in Heaven now
The best angel they could have

By Casey Jo & Sarah