Monday, January 18, 2010

The Days Before Peyton’s Home Going Service – Part II

The day after Peyton’s accident was on a Sunday, there were a couple of rows of teenagers at our church that regularly attended other churches or didn’t have a church home. (I wish I had been there to see that!) We had a special speaker that day. She had lost a friend in her pre-teen years. She was able to speak words of comfort to those kids that another person couldn’t. God is sooooo good.

The next day, the kids gathered at Burke’s house. Several coaches were there too. Burke’s aunt took pictures and I am so glad she did.



IMG_5268 Nathan Praying

My heart hurt so much for these kids. I didn’t want them to be in this kind of pain. They were there for each other. I am so proud of them.

I had to call one of the owner’s of the business where Peyton’s worked, to tell him the news. I didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else. The anguish in his voice……… I’ll never forget it. Peyton had only worked there 4 days, but they had known him for most of his life. I had worked for these same people and they got to know Peyton very well. I wrote about one of them in this story.

I don’t remember the order these things occurred, I just know they happened. I want to put exclamation marks after every line; I won’t, but read it like I did.

Food, food and more food was brought to our home.

People even thought to bring aluminum foil, toilet paper, chip clips, coffee, Ziploc bags, press-n-seal wrap (I’d never used that before, now it is a staple in my pantry), bottled water, soda, the list goes on and on.

Our postman left 2 books of stamps in our mailbox

Two of our friends washed our vehicles inside and out and filled them with gas.

There were teenagers at our house every night (sometimes during the day too) talking and telling stories about Peyton. We laughed a lot. I got notes from girls (I wish boys did things like this, but the ones I know, don’t) telling me how Peyton had made an impact on their lives. I had one girl take me aside and tell me how knowing him had changed her. I couldn’t believe this. She spoke so eloquently and from the heart. I couldn’t help but wonder, “how old is this child?” even though I knew she was only 15. She is still blessing us today.

Two news stations came and interviewed Tom & I. The first was a woman, very professional. The second was a man. He had to run his own camera. I’ll never forget the tears he shed as we were telling our story. He even signed the visitor book.

I like getting these facts written down. I like being able to remember the people behind these acts of kindness. It’s love in action and that is how life is supposed to be.

Thanks for reading and your patience. I’ve said it before, I don’t care for long posts, so that’s it for now.


ps said...

You and Tom have been good friends, good parents and just all around good people. You have sown and continue to sow into the lives of so many. The out pouring of love is amazing on one hand and then not on the other. As the Scripture says, "If you want friends you must show yourself friendly" People have been touched by your love and they just wanted to touch you back. We love you Tom and Becky.

Kelley said...

What beautiful friends! God knows just who to send our way when something happens so suddenly.

Kay said...

I'm so thankful you had so many around you during this time. That is such a gift. So glad you're documenting this. : )

seeking him... said...

Amazing... how God works. That is seen through your story of Peyton's going home. I too am glad that you are documenting this... building altars of rememberance of God & His goodness.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh sweet becky! i cry as i read your words. i know exactly what you mean about wanting to write them down. i have often thought of doing the same but don't have a peace about it quite yet. so many blessings before and after christian's passing... but i worry about david's heart still being raw. and his parents as well. i don't think they are ready for things to be written out in black and white quite yet.

keep sharing. i love hearing about peyton and i am encouraged to see God's hand in your life and the blessings He pours out through His people.


Jake said...

I agree with PS. You sow into people's lives without holding back. I don't believe I had ever spoken to either of you before Peyton died. I specifically remember the Sunday morning service with church rows filled with kids wearing cowboy hats. I thought it was pretty neat. I didn't even know who Peyton was, I just remember all the talk about it. I wish we had.

But I'm so thankful for the new friendship we found in you guys. And we're thankful for Southern friends to love on our kids like you guys do. We love you!