Saturday, January 17, 2009


Had dinner with some friends tonight. I hadn't seen some of them since the funeral (they live out of state). Peyton and their son were really good friends. Sitting at the table with everyone was fun, but then the memories & thoughts of our boys together came flooding in. Brad stayed at our house and Peyton at theirs. They shot things, blew up things, you know boy stuff. The memories started and then the thoughts of Brad's future and the fact that Peyton was gone came rushing in. That really snuck up on me; I wasn't expecting that at all. I didn't fall apart, but I was a little grouchy to my husband on the drive home.

Peyton's future has already started, he is ahead of all of us. I miss him. I reconcile all this in my mind and go on.

We did go the the movie with the Peanuts after dinner and had a good time. God is good all the time.


Staci said...

God is good. When things are hard, we just have to remember that. And you are right about Peyton too. He knows a joy now that none of us can even fathom. It is hard to comprehend on this side (especially from where you sit), but, you know, we will all be there before we know it!

I love you, girl!

Mona said...

I actually wondered about that setting and how it was affecting you. Constant adjustments . . .

Glad you went to the movies!

Carol said...

Thank you so much for joining us. Brad loved Peyton so much and so did all of us. You have been in our prayers regularly this year. It blesses us when we see how you have chosen to focus on the things that you are grateful for. I know that is a choice that you have to make daily but it is so much better than the alternative. God is so good and His grace is so sufficient:) I hope you know that Peyton had a profound influence on our lives. He was such a uniquely wonderful boy. Of course most of our memories are of him as a young boy and we cherish them all. This year has certainly taught us the importance of seizing every moment with our kids and I know you are so glad you did that with Peyton. He was blessed above and beyond by having you and Tom as parents and I think his overwelming confidence showed that he knew that.
We love you and continue to lift you up.