Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How the day went

For this post, I am going to state the events of yesterday, no big revelations or emotional rollercoaster.

Tom & I took off work and got up about 8:00, didn't sleep well at all the night before which is very unusual for me, but I am living in the unusual right now. Steven came over instead of going to his first period class, I hadn't even showered yet!! I excused myself and Tom visited with him. (He came back later that night). Pam (from Colorado) called to check on us and say hey. Tom & I drove around the school parking lot and saw some cars with writing about Peyton on the windows. That made me cry.

Kids started arriving around 4:00. I beat Gentry at Jeopardy! (not really sure who won, but I am claiming it.) We had about 27 kids in our living room at one time. Love those kids. I found out they flew a rebel flag from the school flagpole, (redneck, but funny.....Peyton would have loved that) We laughed a lot and ate some good food. A good friend had made some scrapbooks for me with all the cards and stuff we got after the funeral. They turned out really nice and people were looking at them and our photo albums. A girl had gotten a tattoo on her leg of barbed wire in the shape of a heart with Peyton's name in it. That is humbling to say the least. I thought about her telling people about that for years, telling people why she got it, telling people what Peyton meant to her. They were just friends and they both loved rodeo.

My mom & niece were there. Tom's mom and his niece were there. Of course the Peanuts were there and I was sooooo glad. Several of the kids went into Peyton's room, I haven't changed it yet.
Everone was gone by about 10:15. We went to bed very tired. When I woke up, I didn't want to go to work, I wanted to go back to sleep and avoid life, but I didn't. So here I am facing it all and thanking God for good friends and people who love us.


Jake said...

Becky, good job on facing it all. Your transparency is refreshing. We love you guys.

Mona said...

Becky, I thought about you and Tom and prayed for you numerous times yesterday. Kept looking for a new post! Love you.

Sheena said...

I did the same thing as Mona! I thought about you guys a lot. We love you guys! I am so glad we are getting to know you better and better!

Staci said...

I did think of you and pray for you also yesterday. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Well, ditto to what the last 3 girls said. Thought of you a lot yesterday and lifted you up in prayer!! We love you guys so much. I am amazed at your strength and courage through all of this. You and Tom are AMAZING people. Lots of love to you!

ps said...

I called you yesterday at the only number I have for you which is your cell I think. I remembered you don't turn it on when you're not at work. But Pastor and I thought of you and prayed for you both yesterday. You have made it through the first year which I think seemed like a daunting task one year ago. You have come through it with faith and love and strength. You have blessed others. You have shared your journey with us which I am sure cannot be easy but we love you for it. I want to throw my arms around you and love on you both!