Sunday, January 18, 2009


When I got up this morning, I took pictures of Peyton's room. I know I have to change it sometime. I for sure wanted to wait until after the anniversary, I felt the kids would expect it to be the same. I'm still not going to rush into it. I don't think I will regret it when it is done, I just can't imagine doing it, but I will. It is hard to think of his stuff "put away" somewhere. We have given some significant things away and will probably give away more, but the everyday stuff, I don't know.

I am expecting "extraordinary Glory" this morning at church.


Staci said...

And there was! The glory part, I mean.

About the things in his room. I can sort of understand. I see mom still looking at stuff deciding what to do with it. Some stuff we just got rid of, some went to other people, and some things are just things that can't go anywhere. But the memories and the pictures are the greatest possessions for all of us here.

Mona said...

I think some of his stuff is a great reminder that Peyton is in your future!

And a reminder that the devil is defeated and his future is being chained up in the pits of hell for eternity - NEVER to be loosed again, while we, the Redeemed Ones, are forever in the Presence of God, perfect life, love, joy, and peace with our loved ones!!!! I love reminding him of that!

ps said...

I don't think there's any rush. You can do what you've been doing, making decisions about things as you go along day to day. I hope you got your socks blessed off on Sunday! By faith declare that the impartation is working in you for the glory of God. Sometimes we don't know what God has done in us until later on!

Belinda said...

I agree with Pastor Susan, no rush. I still have things of my mother's that I just can't part with, but I know there not of any importance except to remind me of the great times I had with her. Again I will say it you are an icredible and awesome woman of God. I love you!!