Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fortified for Battle

Today was a really good day. Lots of positive thoughts and memories. Church was great! I know God is leading me into victory all the time.

I have learned that good days are not days for being lax in my faith. Good days are to be used to fortify myself for battle. I can't quit reminding myself of my blessings just because the pressure has lifted some. Oh wouldn't satan love that, if I just sat back and thought it was smooth sailing from now on. Then he could sneak up and try to defeat me on another day. Looooooser! Let's have a little list just to keep sharp:

How God loves me:
Through my family & friends
He weeds my heart with the love in His word (better than Round-Up!)
He delivers His word through my pastors (as I am typing this, I see His word like a beautiful package and He is presenting it to me with loving hands...WOW)
He uses me to love others
Through my husband (I am a blessed woman)

I know satan will be back with his bag of worn out lies & tricks, I say, "Bring it" and watch God's mercy, grace, love and power work, again.


Jake said...

Wonderful, refreshing post. :)

I love that you didn't capitalize satan's name. It's like spittin' in his face hahaha.

Mona said...

Becky, you are so cool! I love it - the resolve, the determination, the knowing of who you are and who God is to you! Bless the Lord. He DOES love you so good!

And you are right, the devil is a luh-oozer!!!

ps said...

Seriously Becky, I just now finished a little praise fest at my desk and am smiling from ear to ear. I know this drives the devil CRAZY!!! Isn't great to know that??? I LOVE IT!! Whooooooo hooooooo!!!! Pig wait I've gone over the edge!

Beckypdj said...

PS, I think suey is Chinese food. LOL

Landon Parker said...

nice post. i agree, satan's a chump and a wannabe.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I pray that you will continue to be blessed and strengthened in your grief journey.