Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peyton's Room

The last several days have been really good. Our Colorado friends are coming in February; I am really looking forward to that. They are going to stay in Peyton's room. It doesn't bother us and they said it was fine with them. I am going to clean it some before they come. I took more pics of his room. I don't want to miss anything.

It smells like him........ we keep the door closed most of the time...... to keep the heat of the woodburning stove in the parts of the house we are using.

Looking around his room you can see Peyton was a person of many interests. Deer antlers and a bass on the wall, a rebel flag (given after the accident) two shadow boxes of baseball pins that were traded at UAAAS World Series, practice pad for drumming, baseball trophies, barebells, .22 bullets scattered in his drawers, bottle rockets in the drawers in his bed. I also found a chicken's foot.

His rodeo equipment is still on the bed. The EMTs cut his chaps off, Peyton would not have been happy. They are bright orange with turquoise accents and copper metalllic fringes. Peyton loved those chaps. The vest he wore is slashed open on the left side where the bull's hoof landed. Oh how I wish that vest had been enough to save him!

I am crying now, I wanted to state some facts so I will always remember. I am going to move forward with his room but I feel I need to document as much about this experience as I can.
I miss my son.


Trish said...

Love you! and are praying for you. I think you are really smart to take pictures of his room.

Anonymous said...

We love you step at a are STRONG in the LORD and the POWER of HIS might!!! You 2 are amazing!

ps said...

What a great idea to document not only the room but how you are processing the changes and the steps forward you are taking. It will always be Peyton's room no matter how you change it. Even as things are stored as treasures you will always have those good memories of Peyton in his room. I still remember his big grin and the twinkle in his eyes as he showed us his room. I imagine his eyes are really twinkling now and his grin is ear to ear as he explores the wonder of heaven and the reality of God's amazing Presence!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I love the picture of Peyton's room...what a great "guy" room...can you even begin to imagine what the place is like that God prepared just for Peyton? I look forward to the day when we are all there and can see and experience all that He has in store for us...the things that our loved ones are experiencing right now. My prayers continue for you and your husband as you continue walking through this grief journey. God is good and faithful and will help you each and every step of the way.