Friday, January 2, 2009

The Country Way

As the anniversary gets closer, the memories flood my mind. Yesterday Tom & I were driving down the road and met a truck. Tom gives the wave and the other driver returns it. Peyton loved that. He waved at every vehicle he met, whether he was driving or not. He would get so frustrated when people didn't acknowledge the wave. He might even call them a Yankee (sorry MN people).

Peyton enjoyed his roots and the country way. I know he planned on living in the country, living out the lyrics to some of his favorite country songs. You know, the ones that talk about American pride, rodeo, lovin' your wife and kids, workin' hard, goin' to church and appreciating God's country. He loved the good ole boy mentality and he loved his friends and family.

It says in the Bible that Jesus has prepared a place for us, a mansion. I picture Peyton's mansion as a big log cabin filled with all the things he loves, just like Mr. Byerly's. Mr. Byerly built every bit of his log home in Tahlequah with is own hands. Cut down every tree, peeled every log, sanded every board, it is an amazing place. Mr. Byerly went to Heaven in July of 2007 and I know he was there when Peyton arrived, ready to show him around and introduce him to his son. Mr. Byerly's son went to Heaven a long time ago and now they are reunited too. This feeling of loss isn't forever it just seems that way right now.

I miss you Peyton Douglas Jackson.

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ps said...

I am still getting used to people waving at us, not because they know us, but just because we're the ones that happen to be driving by! At first I thought, "Who WAS that waving at me?" Now I just wave and feel like I'm one of them. I like it!